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Collection of Poems


Poem 1 The beaming face My eyes can see a golden line, that will the heaven define. Separating day and night, mountains struggling to win the fight... The time when lovers kiss- The time our eyes won’t miss Bid goodbye to what we made- Sing the song to open the gate A beaming face emerges Whispering tireless through the ages “Let me come tomorrow-let me be, as without me you can’t see...” Poem 2 Dear future child I’m sorry for not being supportive when you really needed me. I’m sorry for neglecting your feelings and pain when you gave me clues of your suffering. I’m sorry for destroying our home-your home-your planet- I’m sorry I’m sorry for trying to live the life I never lived through you. I’m sorry for all the plays I’ve missed because I had to work. I’m sorry for never realizing how important my presence was for you-I’m sorry I’ m sorry for all the times I’ve embarrassed you in front of your friends. I’m sorry for all the bad jokes you had to hear and pretend you liked them-just not to hurt me. I’m sorry for never showing how proud I am of you. I’m sorry for not appreciating your love and affection-I’m sorry But you have to understand... Just because I am shallow, just because sometimes I don’t behave as the perfect mom would... It does not mean that I don’t love you- I love you for your smiles, your hugs, your laughter I love you for your incredible personality, your beautiful mind, your loving heart. I love you for being my girl, my life, my dreams, my everything. I don’t claim that I can make up for the things I’ve lost- I don’t claim that I deserve the prize of the best mom you gave me when you were 4. I don’t claim that I know how to be perfect. But together we can become perfect- Just you and me- Against all adversity- Against all problems- We will rule the world- Only with our love...


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