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Five Activities; The key to a happy lockdown


It all started on March 10th, when gradually our freedom was taken away. Firstly we were kind of excited, especially us, the students, as we were viewing this whole situation as an opportunity for relaxation. But after one or two weeks boredom and despair strike. “Now what? I’ve watched Netflix, I’ve read a book… what is next? When will I see my friends?” After having spent two months in lockdown I would like to share with you five activities that can guarantee an interesting and fulfilling lockdown.

1. Complete personal goals.

All of us, at some point in our lives have said “Wouldn’t it be great to do that?” and stopped right there due to lack of time. This lockdown is a great opportunity to use the abundant free time and finally start working on this idea you have kept in the back of our mind. Create a work of art, write a short story or a novel, take an online seminar, are mere examples of what you can do to pleasantly spend your free time. Instead of staying passive in front of a screen you can take action and achieve your time-consuming goals!

2. Exercise

Let us not forget the wise words of our ancestors “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Wear your sports clothes, call some friends via Skype and start exercising. You can create a workout together by sharing the exercises that you know. You can even use an application with all sorts of activities. You can try Yoga, Pilates, cardio, or even dance. You can even go out for a run or a long walk and spend some time alone with your thoughts. But remember. Always keep the rules of social distancing!

3. Learn a new language

Buongiorno a tutti! During this pandemic I started learning Italian through an online platform and a free application. Learning a language is a great exercise for the brain and a great way to broaden your cultural horizons, as it grants us access to a whole other perspective of the world. After all, imagine how useful it will come to be when we are allowed to travel again!

4. Cook and help with the household chores

Given the fact that in two years we will be university students, this pandemic is a great opportunity to fill up our cooking knowledge reservoir. You can easily learn how to bake a cake, make bread, cook meat, or even prepare a difficult traditional Greek dish. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to better learn our way around the household and perfect our cleaning and tidying knowledge. Trust me, it will come in handy when you will be living on your own!

5. Be bored

It is not a sin to be bored. According to several studies it is when we do absolutely nothing that our brain processes all the information that it has accumulated throughout the day. What is more, not only does our brain store all this information, but also it comes up with great new ideas, that according to activity one we now have ample time to effectuate. So get comfy on your couch, close your eyes and let your brain do its magic!

I hope that these ideas will help you get out of this lockdown carrying with you new knowledge, new achievements and a healthy body. Keep safe, keep healthy and keep happy!



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